Supporting Our People

IRYSS exists because of our people and we are firmly committed to a team effort in the pursuit to become a brand that makes a difference. We are deeply rooted into creating opportunities and advancements for the entire team. Spanning internationally our team are united by a common vision and we strive to create a supportive environment that elevate the many talented people that exist under the IRYSS brand. You will be able to feel the power of our amazing team behind you when you wear an IRYSS garment.

Inclusion & Diversity

Our doors at IRYSS are always open to talented individuals from a range of backgrounds who truly love what they do and share the same values that runs through the core of IRYSS. Our dedicated team is made up of individuals from across the globe with different stories and experiences and we believe it is this diversity that sets us apart. This broadens our horizons and allows us to gain influences from many different cultures and personalities which is a value that we will never lose.

Giving Back Initiatives


IRYSS will this year launch our pilot scholarship scheme which will award a paid scholarship to a young woman who displays an extraordinary talent in their chosen field and has displayed resilience and strength in pursuit of that dream. We are proud to start this programme that will give a chance to the next generation to realise their potential. 


IRYSS is committed to supporting charities that are close to our heart and represent our values in the battle to create a better world. we have chosen to out our support behind cancer research charities who are at the forefront in the battle to create new treatments and cures for a disease that will touch all of our lives at some point. We pledge that all our events will feature initiatives to raise money for the various charities that we support and help spread the word about the great work going on behind the scenes to combat this illness.


We are firm believers in the talent that is coming through in the younger generations and are excited to invite into our team a generation of young hungry and talented fashionistas through our internship programme. We aim to take on three interns every year and give them a platform to display their talents through the IRYSS brand.

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