Design Philosophies

The House of IRYSS is made up of a talented and creative international team of designers who bring together a century of experience as masters in their chosen fields. The teams soul purpose is to design collections that really connect with our customer and to bring out the very best version of themselves.

The team create and sample many styles every year to find the little details that brings life to our collections and a confidence and joy to our customers. The IRYSS Fashion Design team is made up of dreamers, believers and masters who have made it their mission in life to reimagine and create timeless pieces that will stand the test of time.

Our Pursuit of the Perfect Fit

The process of finding the perfect fit is a crucial part of our mission at IRYSS. Nothing beats the feeling when you put something on and feel like the brand just gets you. We know the importance of getting a perfect fit to seamlessly complement your body shape.

We take our time with this process and each garment will go through two sample fittings and a final fitting which will include testing our fit on three different body shapes in the same garment size. this process allows us to get the best average to ensure when you buy an iryss garment the need for returning is minimised. As Humans we are not perfect, and our fitting always strives to be as close as possible.

Materials make the difference

All of our fabrics are sourced and handpicked from some of the finest fabric mills in Europe. High quality garments start in the mill and our design team spend countless hours sourcing and scrutinising different fabrics to ensure they will stand the test of time, whilst still retaining that unique and trendy look. It is our commitment to support the high-quality mills that are our neighbours in Europe, and we source all our fabric in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Greece from companies that match our values and commitment to quality and sustainability.

Our Design Ethos

The IRYSS design team spend countless hours perfecting the little details in each and every garment, guided by a set of principles that ensures quality and most of all longevity.


We are guided by our beliefs that great collections should be forever, and our collections are made to transcend both season and trends to become the vintage of tomorrow. We crat our collections using quality materials and workmanship to ensure that when you get a iryss garment that it is an investment in yourself with no expiry date. 


We are dedicated to the ethos that garments within our collection can fit seamlessly into your wardrobe to create multiple layering and styling options that change the look and feel of an individual piece. We aim to produce styles that incorporate materials and colourways that are adaptable and versatile to enhance the styling options to work in any occasion. 


A flattering fit doesn’t come by accident and at iryss we are driven to create collections that feature silhouettes that enhance the comfort and fit in all the right places. This design ethos starts with fabric selection and countless fitting sessions to ensure when you put on an iryss garment that it feels tailormade to you. 

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