Ethically Crafted

We have always set out to create stunning collections that are expertly crafted to the highest quality that will stand the test of time to fit in with every chapter of your life whilst wearing them.

Made in Portugal is so much more than a name and represents centuries of expert craftsman who have honed their skills and passed them down the generations. It's clear to see the love and passion on display as it's part of their DNA and heritage. We are blown away by the dedication to the craft and skillset to produce quality time and time again.

In-House Manufacturing

We have designed our business to massively cut out the transport miles that it takes between our product being manufactured until it reaches your door.

In addition to our commitments to sustaining local communities we consider how are products are designed to ensure that all processes needed outside our own production facility are available within 2km radius which supports local economy and further reduces transport.

From our factory in Portugal direct to your door is an achievement we are proud of and cuts out between 50-75% of the emissions from transport of garments mass produced in Asia.

Local Craftsmanship

IRYSS is committed to supporting local artisans and businesses in our community that design high quality products that are not mass produced. These local artisans in many instances are plying a trade that has been in their families for decades and it is only with support from brands that these traditions can continue and jobs within Portuguese communities can be sustained. Fashion manufactured with passion and history is part of our core values and we are proud to collaborate with suppliers who share our same values in family, tradition, and dedication. 

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