Our Mission & Vision

IRYSS was founded on the vision that cost doesn’t equal value and that confidence is a superpower that can inspire great accomplishment. Our vision defines our mission to become a brand that symbolises a renewed way of viewing ourselves through the power of fashion to forge new beginnings that sees no boundaries.

IRYSS is much more than a brand, it is a symbol of the aspirations and dreams we hold dear, and our pursuit of euphoria within our personal achievement in our lives, IRYSS was made to join you on this journey that we call, life.

Our Vertical Approach

As a stand-out ecommerce brand, we believe in creating value within our products and to be able to offer designer quality at a fair price. We have designed our business around vertical principles that allow us to offer a luxurious product with the finest materials and manufacturing direct to your door.

Our partnerships with some of the best European suppliers and community of in-house motivated textile experts allows us to reduce costs and emissions and we are proud to involve no middle-men.

What we stand for.

Ethically Crafted in Portugal

Made in Portugal is so much more than a name and represents centuries of expert craftsman who have honed their skills and passed them down the generations.

Supporting Our People

IRYSS exists because of our people and we are firmly committed to a team effort in the pursuit to become a brand that makes a difference locally and globally.

House of IRYSS

The House of IRYSS is made up of a talented and creative international team of designers who bring together a century of experience as masters in their chosen fields.

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