Born in Ireland

The story of iryss began as a dream in the mind of a young woman in a small Irish community far away from the bright glitz and the glam of the European fashion capitals. The seed was planted early in life when on Sundays she would attend the local church and community events where she was totally intrigued by the amazing transformation that would take place to the local ladies who use to don their best dresses for this day in a term that commonly became referred to as wearing ones ‘’Sunday best’’. These dresses were often designed and sewn by hand and the ladies of the community would travel far to find fabrics that were unique and different so that two neighbours would not end up wearing the same outfit. 

'Sunday Best'

The array of dresses on display lit a fire inside of little Marian who recognised the power of a dress to bring out and show the very best of a woman. The dream that formed in those early years was the catalyst to Marian opening her first multiband store over two decades ago, where she would travel the world putting together her seasonal collections to stock in store and customers where customers would travel from far and near to be dressed for all occasions. But despite success Marian knew that the dream she had years ago was burning inside and a chance encounter during a business trip would become the catalyst for the brand that iryss is today and the legacy that is only just beginning. 

Dream turned into reality

A beautiful dream can only become reality with the power of belief in the vision and dedication to the journey and IRYSS became reality when a group of highly talented fashion lovers combined under the shared mission of bringing Brand Iryss to the world. What started as a concept collection ended up as one big family, when IRYSS acquired the pinto family sewing house in Porto that added generations of manufacturing know and a real passion the little details that make an outfit stand out. The iryss family today is made up a diverse international team of creators who unite under our shared values and goal of changing the lives of our community through the power of fashion. 

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