Sustainability & The Planet

At IRYSS we are rooted in our commitment in reducing our overall emissions, consciously choosing sustainable business practices which runs through the core of our business model, from the beginning of the manufacturing process until the end when it reaches your door.

Our vertical approach is designed to cut out unnecessary processes that create emissions and also create sustainable jobs within our local communities.

We reviewed every part of our structure to identify areas where we can reduce our footprint without compromising on quality and ultimately keeping our pricing affordable and accessible to all. We have identified and set targets for each area below as part of our journey to making a difference to society:

Cutting down

Transport Emissions

We have designed our business to massively cut out the transport miles that it takes between our product being manufactured until it reaches your door.

In addition to our commitments to sustaining local communities we consider how are products are designed to ensure that all processes needed outside our own production facility are available within 30km radius which supports local economy and further reduces transport.

From our factory in Portugal direct to your door is an achievement we are proud of and cuts out between 50-75% of the emissions from transport of garments mass produced in Asia.

Sustainable from the heart.

Delivery Partnerships

We have committed to FedEx/TNT as our worldwide delivery partner who offers unrivalled delivery service but also are at the cutting edge of creating low emission deliveries across the world. We are inspired by their commitments and they are the perfect partner to complete the final leg of the product journey.

Elimating Over Production

Over production is a huge contributing factor to fashion-based emissions mainly driven by fast fashion and poor-quality production practices. At IRYSS we believe in our garment as an investment and take our time to design collections that resonate with our customers. We produce enough garments to service current demand and retain the ability to restock, ensuring each piece finds a good home.


One of the less spoken about factors in lowering emissions and creating sustainable products is the lifespan of a garment. We strive to source the highest quality fabrics that will last a lifetime therefore reducing the need to rebuy garments every season. Our quality is ingrained in our DNA, and we believe that this makes a big impact in our journey to doing better.

Our Factory

We are constantly reviewing and implementing change within our production facilities and last year we implemented an ambitious plan to switch over all of our lighting to LED which reduces energy consumption by up to 80%.


We have also ramped up our recycling process to ensure that all offcuts and packaging from our production is recycled or upcycled and used within our products. In this industry we believe the small differences count and we are making great progress.


We source from established high quality European fabric mills that have robust and ambitious goals in reducing their footprint and use non-toxic ingredients for the production of finished textiles. Our suppliers have all achieved international credentials for sustainable achievement and we are proud to partner with only the very best suppliers that inspire our own goals. 

Water Waste Reduction

Water is a basic human need, and we firmly believe in the reduction of water in all our processes. All of our jeans and washed garments are produced with external suppliers with high tech and modern equipment which can produce better results whilst using less water. We are committed by 2025 to switch all of our processes to laser or ozone washing to reduce water consumption to almost zero whilst our current collection is already highly efficient using eflow technology for the majority of our collection.

Reducing Plastic

We are on a path to reducing plastic usage across the full spectrum of our business and where possible we will always choose recycled plastic components or natural alternatives. We have use biodegradable packaging for our internal protection bags and have a concrete goal that all packaging associated with our collections are biodegradable or create no emissions by 2024. 

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